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Welcome to the Early Payment Scheme.

We have undertaken an in-depth analysis of our purchase-to-pay process in order to better understand and optimise our supplier base. As a result, we have launched the Early Payment Scheme. The benefits to your company are:
  • Improved cash flow through early payment
  • Increased process efficiency via e-invoicing, dedicated processing and query resolution
  • Closer collaboration and an integrated long-term relationship 
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and increased visibility within the Council
On this site you will find everything you need to know about the Scheme including what to expect when you sign up, how your business will benefit, the answers to your general questions and finally - how you can sign up.

We are confident that you will support this strategic initiative. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Emma Alexander
Executive Director Corporate and Commercial Services, Oldham Council
Watch a short video to find out more
The Scheme has already proven to be a big success with suppliers -
Click here, if you have a question or just prefer speaking to somebody.
Read our Case Studies on how the Early Payment Scheme was able to help Balmers GMLimb to Limb and New Image
Council Endorsements:
“We are always looking at ways to help business and the Early Payment Scheme helps businesses to succeed and plan ahead with the stability they and their staff deserve”
"The Early Payment Scheme works in a way that generates income for the Council which is crucial as part of our drive in maximising value for money"
“We are delighted with the success of the programme and there is little doubt that local authorities across the UK can benefit, like we have”
“By working co-operatively with suppliers we are helping to improve their cash flows so they can reinvest the money quicker and grow their businesses”
Cllr Jim McMahon - Leader of Oldham Council
Dr Carolyn Wilkins - Chief Executive of Oldham Council
Emma Alexander - Director of Corporate and Commercial Services
Cllr Abdul Jabbar - Cabinet member for Finance and HR