Welcome to the Early Payment Scheme

We have undertaken an in-depth analysis of our purchase-to-pay process in order to better understand and optimise our supplier base. As a result, we have launched the Early Payment Scheme. The benefits to your company are:

  • Improved cash flow through early payment
  • Increased process efficiency via e-invoicing, dedicated processing and query resolution
  • Closer collaboration and an integrated long-term relationship
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and increased visibility within the Council

On this site you will find everything you need to know about the programme including what to expect when you sign up, how your business will benefit, the answers to your general questions and finally, how you can sign up.

We would be delighted if you would support this strategic initiative and we look forward to a closer working relationship in the future.

Ray Ward
Executive Director Corporate and Commercial Services, Oldham Council

8 Days

On average members are paid 8 days after receipt of invoice.


Since launch we have processed £172 million worth of invoices.

Over 340

Now at over 340, the number of suppliers continues to grow.

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It only takes two minutes to sign up after reading the terms and conditions.

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The Early Payment Scheme works in a way that generates income for the Council which is crucial as part of our drive in maximising value for money.

Dr Carolyn Wilkins Chief Executive

By working co-operatively with suppliers we are helping to improve their cash flows so they can reinvest the money quicker and grow their businesses.

Councillor Abdul Jabbar Cabinet member for Finance and Human Resources